Romans 15:14-21 - Proclaiming the gospel of Christ!

Romans 14:5-9 - what really matters is knowing Jesus. So what about everything else?

Romans 12:1-8 After spending the last 11 chapters establishing that God's people are justified through Christ. Paul switches his focus to sanctification. He answers the question, "What does this mean for the Christian in their daily life?" In this text, Paul answers the question in two ways. The Christian is to live as a living sacrifice, which means to live for God and not for self, and the Christian is to live united in service to the Church.

Romans 8:18-25 What does it mean to live in this world with all its pain and sufferings?

Romans 6:1-2 Hope sermon series on Romans.

Exodus 40 : 34-38

Jonah 4 : 1-11 What does it mean to be patient? Today…we’re going to dig into the book of Jonah and hear a story about patience.

Genesis 6 : 17-22 God’s promise brings peace and stills hearts in times of uncertainty.

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